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Homeschool Burn-out Tips and Tricks to keep you on Track

by stephanienolan on March 26, 2012

Homeschooling is supposed to be fun, rewarding and exciting, trust me I know; I homeschooled my children for over 15 years. But there came a time where either I was burnt out or my children were. Homeschooling seemed like a daunting task daily or worse yet like were having our teeth pulled. No parent ever wants to admit that he or she may become burnt-out when it comes to homeschooling, but it does happen. So what do you do when this happens but you know you want to continue homeschooling? I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way that rejuvenate your spirit and rid the burn-out syndrome.  Try these tips and tricks for a week and see if they work for you as well.

Life Skills

Instead of waking up in the morning and hitting the books, or whatever your homeschool regimen is, try doing a week of life skills. When I say life skills, I am talking about skills that your children will use in their life when they leave home. We have spent a week cooking. I let the kids pick out the menu for the week, grocery shop (with my help) and cook our meals. They loved doing this, and it taught them the importance of cooking, budgeting money and life skills.

Spring and summer are right around the corner, and even during the winter months spend a week gardening with your children. Start your seedlings indoors and watch them grown. A trip to the nursery or lawn and garden center of your local department store may excite your children. Allow them to pick out what seeds (fruit, flowers, herbs or vegetables) they would like to be in charge of as this will keep their interest. Don’t forget to purchase all the necessary supplies as this will depend on how you plan on garden (indoor, outdoor or container.)

Sewing is a skill that has died over the years. I have asked so many people if they know how to sew, or have ever mended their own clothes, to my surprise many of them answered no. I knew instantly that I wanted to teach my children how to sew. We spent a day going through their clothes that needed mending (yes, I slack in that area…opps) and then started out mending their clothes with a basic sewing needle and thread. From that point on we started making curtains, etc on a sewing machine.  What you can teach your children to sew is endless, but the gift of the skill with last them a lifetime.

No matter what you decide to do to end your homsechool burn-out, remember the reason you started schooling in the first place, and you will find peace, happiness and enjoy homeschooling again. If you have any tips or tricks you have found that work to end homeschool burn-out I would love to hear them.

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