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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Noodles

by stephanienolan on March 28, 2012

With the cold/flu season quickly approaching I felt it was fitting to post my homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. Of course, you can enjoy this soup year-round if you are a big soup eater like me. This soup does take time to make, but it is worth it in the end.

Soup Ingredients:

Chicken (can be leftover chicken)



2 bags of frozen mixed vegetables

1 medium onion



Chicken Bouillon

Garlic Powder


Noodles Ingredients:





Soup Directions:

To make the soup, put your chicken in a stock pot (12  qt.) and fill with water. Place on your stovetop on high heat and boil. Add diced celery and onion directly to the stock pot with the chicken. Place 5 bouillon cubes in the water and salt and pepper to your taste. Allow the chicken to cook thoroughly until it falls apart.

While the chicken is cooking prepare your noodles. I make homemade noodles, as you simply cannot compare them with store bought noodles (and all my children love them.)

Remove the cooked chicken from the boiling water and set aside. Allow the chicken to cool and debone if you are using chicken that has a bone (such as thighs, legs or whole chickens.) Tear chicken into small pieces and add back to the stockpot. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer. Add chicken bouillon and garlic powder to taste. I typically add 10 cubes of bouillon and 4 T. garlic powder.  Simmer on low for approximately a half hour.

Bring your chicken soup to a boil and add noodles while boiling. Serve immediately.


Noodles Directions:

In a large bowl, add 6 cups of flour. Make a hole in the center of the flour and all remaining ingredients to the hole in the flour. Add one egg, ½ cup of oil, 2 T. salt and water. Mix and kneed until you have dough. Add water as needed. Cover your dough in the bowl and set aside for one hour. After your dough has rested for an hour, roll out on a floured surface and cut into strips. I use a pizza cutter to cut my dough. Make your noodle strips as long and wide as you wish. Drop into boiling soup. They cook within seconds.  **Do this while you are cooking the soup**


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