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Where Can I Find Deals on Food?

by stephanienolan on April 24, 2012

Did you know that you can find great deals on food where you least expect to? It’s no secret food prices are on the rise and finding deals at local grocery stores are becoming harder and harder. Every single time I go to our grocery store I almost faint when I tally up what it costs to feed my family (6). I have done extensive research on where I can find food deals (if you follow me on this blog, then you probably already know I LOVE stretching the dollar and saving money!) it’s time to look beyond grocery stores! With my tips and tricks, you can learn how to shop and stretch your grocery budget!

Clubs and Warehouses

Check your local clubs and warehouses for savings (such as Sam’s Club.) Typically, clubs and warehouses get a HUGE discount on their prices and commonly they will pass the discount on to their customers. While you are shopping, it’s important to NOT grab the biggest box of an item without checking the unit price. Sometimes bigger isn’t better nor does it save you money.

Gas Stations

I LOVE my gas stations – why? Because they often have milk at a MUCH lower price than my grocery or drug stores! Often, if you take your time and look around inside a gas station, you can find deals on snacks and drinks.

Dollar Stores

Check your local dollar store for grocery items. Dollar stores typically don’t advertise, saving them money, and allowing them to pass the savings on to you. You can purchase name-brand products at dollar store inexpensively. Depending upon where you live you may  be able to find freezer items, dairy items, meats, vegetables, and many shelf items.

Drug Stores

NUMEROUS drug stores offer a savings card allowing you to save money and build points every time you purchase an item. The trick to saving the most money at a drug store is to combine your rewards card with manufacture coupons. Sometimes you may be able to get items completely free! Don’t forgot to scan their weekly flyer and double check for sale items that you have coupons for!


Many people are starting to shop online due to the price of gas increasing. Shopping online not only will save you money on gas, but it is also convenient and could possibly keep you within your budget. How? Shopping online allows you to find the best deals, shop stores that have a virtual cart where you can monitor how much you are spending, and some stores even offer free delivery!


If you have certain things you do to save money on your grocery bill, I would love to hear about them.

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